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our story.

Lets see... it all began a long, long time ago with an old Italian Cabinet maker and house wife..... wait maybe it was an old Army vet and an Italian immigrant named Italia... Actually it was both. 

Yea those are my roots up there. Its in my blood to work with my hands and as a child I took great joy in spending time with my father building and fixing just about everything. My family is filled with hands on individuals and so of course after high school I decided to pursue a career in Information Technology. I know... makes no sense. 

So the real story begins with a love story. After meeting my now wife, we began our journey. We found our selves buying our first home, a real "Fixxer Upper". It was time to reach into my roots and get my hands ready for some buildin`. I wanted nothing more then to give her everything she could imagine in our new home. So I started with the walls, the floors, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Well after the house was built we needed she found some things she liked online and I built them. After a few posts online and a few positive comments later we realized that my family trades and secrets were pouring from me and I didn't even know it. Well my friends and family did and after some encouragement from all of them

Boulevard Customs was born. 

My background in technology gives me a huge advantage in the planning process. I can utilize some great technology to help make each piece beautiful and perfect in every way possible. Everything I build comes with a passion and pride next to none. I love what I do...  Its become my freedom, my therapy, my passion.


In addition to all the wonderful custom projects, we also provide a variety of products hand picked and unique in their own right. We try to stick with natural products that are safe for us and the environment as well as easy to use for all of our customers.


Let us know what we can do to help.. Send us a text at 732-734-1467 anytime!



Jason Terranova

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