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Bloxygen Epoxy and Finish Preserver

Bloxygen Epoxy and Finish Preserver

Bloxygen – Blocks Oxygen. Prevent waste and store your leftovers safely.


You are wasting money every time you buy a new can of paint, epoxy, or finish because the old contents crusted over or discolored. Thickening, gelling, or skinning, clogged spray guns and ruined oil-based finishes are not only wasteful but messy and time-consuming as well. 

The Solution is Easy – Bloxygen The Only Way to Seal and Store Leftover Epoxy, Solvents, Finishes, Varnishes and More.


Complete Protection:

o Protects ANY products that are sensitive to oxygen or moisture damage.
o Prevents changes in product chemistry during storage.
o Allows you to store leftovers safely in the original labeled container.
o Reduces hazardous waste and product loss.


Use On:
Epoxy, Oil Based Paint, Stain, Oil-based Inks, Oil-based Stains, Varnish, Urethane, Polished Metals, Polyurethane, Printing Chemicals, Gunpowder, Catalysts, Auto Body Chemicals and Coatings, Photo Chemicals, Fuel Additives, Marine Coatings, Polyurethane Glue, Tung Oil, Furniture Refinishing Chemicals, Chemical Compounds, Wine, Liquor, Hops, Seeds, Olive Oil, Makeup, Cooking Oils, and food.


Long Lasting:

One spray can, will seal about 37 gallon-sized containers or 75 quart-sized containers.

Proven and Tested. Made in the USA.


Bloxygen contains Ultra- Pure Argon Gas. This is a nontoxic, 100 percent natural gas that occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. Our patented product has been lab tested and proven to be effective for preserving and lengthening the shelf life of hundreds of products.


Note: full can feels empty but will provide approximately 75 two-second bursts of non-toxic, non-flammable gas. This product is available for Ground Shipping only. 

    $11.95 Regular Price
    $8.96Sale Price
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